We are international used print equipment suppliers and offer full sales and engineering services to you wherever you are based in the world.

Exporting machinery around the world can be a headache. All manner of regulations, taxes, customs rules and transport problems can make the whole operation seem impossible.

Don’t worry. Speedmalt is your “go to” company if you need to export printing machinery to any part of the globe. Our highly skilled and experienced engineering team has the capability to pack, load, transport, unload and install anything you might need to move. We care about your equipment, so everything will be secured, covered and protected to make sure that nothing gets damaged or lost in transit. 

Practical expertise is only half of the story though – all the engineering skills in the world is no good to you if your machine gets stuck in customs on the other side of the world. Our logistics team has more than thirty-five years experience of planning routes, checking and double checking the paperwork and dealing with all of the office based technicalities.

In the past three and a half decades we have moved all manner of equipment to every corner of the globe. All you need to do is to tell us where your machinery is going – Speedmalt will get it there quickly, efficiently, and with the minimum of fuss.