What is Offset Printing Used For?

What is Offset Printing Used For?

In this article, we explain what offset printing is used for.

What is Offset Printing Used for?

Offset printing is a popular printing technique used to produce high quality printed materials. The technique works by an inked image transferred of “offset” from a plate to a rubber sheet and then from the sheet to the printing surface. It is called offset because the ink isn’t transferred directly onto the paper.

 Typically, this printing technique is used for large production runs of 1,000 or more pieces because the offset presses run efficiently when they are set up. Below we explain 5 advantages of offset printing.

Advantages of Offset Printing

Here are 5 advantages of offset printing:

  1. More Cost Effective – One advantage of offset printing is it’s a more cost effective method when printing larger quantities.
  2. Highest Print Quality – When using offset printing this is the highest possible quality of printing.
  3. Better for Larger Print Runs – Linked to the first advantage, the more items you print then, the cheaper it is to print per piece.
  4. Custom Prints – With offset printing you’re able to use a variety of paper types with custom finishes including special inks for example, pantone colours and metallic.
  5. More Professional – Another advantage of offset printing is it produces more clean and crisp professional looking printing.

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